Falling Behind

That is, falling behind on updating this blog. Of course the best laid plans… I had every intention of keeping up with posting a little bit better over the fall but I’m afraid canning season interfered with any spare time that I might’ve had until the end of October. After that it was just playing catch-up and dealing with daily life. I have to say canning season was pretty epic this year I put a lot in my pantry. I tried to make more of the items that I went through quickly last year and less of the items that seem to linger.

IMG_8493.JPG All in all I think I did pretty well.
Gus came out for her annual visit in October. We never seem to have enough time together although I did take the entire week off of work this time. It was great to see her and hang out. She stayed at Maude’s house which gave both of us a little perspective. Gus discovered how challenging dealing with Maude can be and I discovered that I’m not crazy regarding that very same point.

As far as the knitting and spinning front I’ve been rather productive lately. I spun some natural colored black and white Shetland wool into a worsted weight that I immediately knit into an improvised cowl. It turned out rather nicely and it’s a size that can be worn as a long scarf or doubled up.

I also did a quick and dirty spinning job on a random batt that I had hanging around in my stash for quite some time. The colors are fun and funky and it has lots of glitz in it to give it some sparkle.

IMG_8737.JPG I ended up with about 200 yards, not a lot but I think I can do something fun, perhaps a neck warmer with it.
I have been procrastinating on L’Enveloppe, not surprising since there’re seams involved. I know… there isn’t that much seaming to be done but I hate it and will do absolutely anything to avoid doing it. I have even contemplated waiting until my knitting get away to complete that particular project. I feel like I need group moral support to finish this thing.
As for upcoming projects, I’m itching to do something with lace. I really love lace knitting and haven’t done any for quite some time. I’m looking for the perfect pattern to go with my “winter of 2013” colorway that I dyed and spun. By looking for the ultimate pattern I have been spending a lot of time perusing Ravelry. I don’t have to tell any of my knitting friends what a time suck this can be, I’ve probably spent more time looking at patterns then actually knitting.
Otherwise life is status quo there’s nothing really new going on. Maude seems to be holding her own as far as maintaining her independence in her home. Life here on my homefront is as it’s always been, it’s not the best of situations and it’s not the worst of situations. I try to get through life finding a little nuggets of happiness wherever I can. As for Mr. Rocco he is also status quo. With him it has always been two steps forward and two steps back. I believe the bottom line is that he’s difficult, he will always be difficult.

IMG_7565.JPG I don’t believe we will ever be friends, not like I have been with my other dogs. Such is life, hope yours is going well.


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