Startitis and ADD

This is not a good combination, there are so many things that I’d like to begin and I either don’t have the time or the materials ready. While perusing Ravelry the other day I found a really great pattern called “Without Moonlight” by Caitlin ffrench made with a bulky weight yarn. I knew that I had a fair amount of roving that I had dyed apple green, so I decided to spin it up. The unfortunate part is that the roving had felted a bit during the dying process and drafting it was not fun. There are some spots where it’s a little thick and thin but I’m hoping that A) I’ll have enough yardage and B) it won’t be so wonky that it doesn’t turn out a nice consistent fabric. The great thing about spinning bulky yarn is that it’s quick, I spun the entire approximately 6 ounces last night and plied it tonight.

2015/01/img_8872.jpg also, did I mention the fact that it’s a free pattern? Wish me luck.


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