Surviving Hoth

Apparently this winter is going to drag on and on. I don’t believe that we have had more than a day above freezing since New Year’s.  We are all walking around this house with glazed faces, bored out of our minds. Thankfully I have my hobbies to keep me semi-sane. I have been working on some spinning and knitting projects. I decided to tackle in its entirety the “without moonlight” shawl from Caitlin Ffrench. Overall I’m very happy with the results and the pattern. I’ve never done a half circle shawl before and I believe I will most likely have to wear it with a pin in order for it to drape properly. I started by spinning and plying 3 1/2 bobbins of “Buster”. I then dyed it a turquoise blue on the stove top . The pattern was easy to follow and I had plenty of yardage left over.  

I would say the top picture is probably closest to the accurate color of the finished shawl. I also finished the “common bean” shawl also from Caitlin Ffrench.  

Again I was very happy with the pattern and the result. I’m really enjoying working with bulkier yarns as everything knits up quickly. 

I have also been working on upping my skills with my spindles. I’ve been playing around with my mini Turkish spindle and I feel like I finally have the hang of it. Of course that means I need a full-size Turkish spindle. I went on my spindle spinning group on Ravelry today and found a couple of links to some Etsy shops. I purchased one from Turtle Made that was made using a 3-D printer. I’m very intrigued with the idea of using a new technology as applied to an old-school skill. I am also still working on plying up the multiple singles from my free samples of roving from Knittopia a couple of years ago. It’s slow going in the and result should be… Interesting. This will either be a really good idea or a really bad idea. 

As for personal stuff, as I stated everyone in this household is going a little stir crazy. I somehow managed to get Mr. Larj out of the house twice this weekend. Our first event was a birthday party at a Cuban restaurant downtown. We had a great time hanging out with friends and the food was amazing. I desperately needed to see something green and growing so I decided to take Mr. Larj to the Belle Isle conservatory to take in the flora and fauna. We had a pleasant surprise in finding that the aquarium was open that day as well. Afterwords we checked out the Green Dot Stables restaurant. I liked it, Mr. Larj hated it. In my defense he did say he wanted to try something different. Their entire menu is a variety of sliders. I had two different fish sliders and the garlic and truffle fries. I thought it was good and would definitely go back again.

As for my work life, it is what it is and I’m trying to make the best of it. I really hate how the focus of healthcare has become more of a business model than a people first model. It seems like it’s all about the numbers and productivity.  I am still trying to find that balance between doing what I need to do for my patients and giving the powers that be what they expect out of me. I am making it work but it has definitely ramped up my stress level. Adding to that stress level is the fact that mr. Larj’s job is always in a precarious position. We never know from week to week what’s going to go on with his place of employment. Admittedly the printing field is not what it used to be but it seems that the people he works for are completely lacking in any kind of motivation to make the business work. It really irritates me when I see people that of been handed something and they just piss it away. Unfortunately that seems to be more the rule than the exception of when it comes to children taking over their parents business, although in this instance it seems that the parent is equally irresponsible and uninterested. 

I also got a really good shot of Detroit from Belle Isle looking out over the frozen Detroit River. Spring is just around the corner right?

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