Allegedly, Spring is here although I can’t say that we’re feeling very much of it in these parts. The temperatures are still in the low 40’s to 30’s dipping down into the 20’s at night.  On the other hand, the low temperatures give me an excuse to continue working on knitted accessories. My two latest projects are a spindle spun cowl and a somewhat unplanned shawl.  I had a clear plan for the cowl as I was spinning up the wool, it has a really interesting nubby skinny look to it.  I worked it up on size 9 needles and it’s very light but warm.   


My next project was somewhat unplanned. I had leftover wool from  the “without moonlight” shawl that I knitted last month. I decided to make another “198 yards of heaven” shawl using size 10 1/2 needles. I figured that I would start knitting on it and see how far I would get with the yarn that I had. I got about three quarters of the way through the lace pattern and started running very low on yarn. It was time for Plan B, I spun a bobbin of wool to match the gauge, plied it and divided it into two parts.  One half of the wool was dyed to match the turquoise blue that I had been working with. The color was a shade darker but when it was knitted up it looked gradient. The other half of the wool I dyed a dark chocolate brown. I really love the way that turquoise and brown looks together. I think the end result turned out very nice and I love this pattern for its ease and beauty. 


Currently it’s blocking in the basement and should be ready to unpin tomorrow night. 

In other news, I took a few days off last week to try and regroup and relax. For the most part I was successful except for a few glitches. Of course one of these glitches was Maude, I was really hoping that she had turned over a new leaf and was softening up a bit in her old age. I was proven wrong when I went to do her shopping for her last week. She was very angry and childish. I ended up cutting my visit very short and left with my feathers ruffled. My other glitch was the fact that Mr. Larj informed me that his job will be ending in about two weeks. This of course means that any and all fun for the summer will be canceled and I will be stripped down to bare bones austerity for who knows how long. My dream of having a real vacation is slipping by me. It looks like the only way I’ll get to Europe is if I ship myself over there after I’m cremated. I managed a few moments of relaxation, taking Rocco out to Elizabeth park and lunch at the Fly Trap.  I guess it’ll have to do. 

Next on the project agenda is another “outlier” in a plum color and a secret spinning project. 


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