Summer Staycation

It’s been a bit of a strange summer, the weather has been all over the map it’s been either hard-core rain or hard-core heat especially this week. I had a bit of a staycation this last week, I was off for six days. My week started out with the wine and wool festival at sandhill crane vineyard. It was nice, despite the heat. I was able to catch up with a lot of my knitting friends that I haven’t seen for quite some time. Of course I did a little damage the fiber wise and wine wise.  

 I ended up with a nice little kit with a bottom whorl spindle with green skulls, a fantastic sugar skull bag from Chasing Acorns and some lovely green fiber along with a couple of hanks of roving. Of course I had to come home with some wine as well.  

I also had the chance to take in some music that was a bit of a change from my usual. I went to Meadowbrook to see Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga perform together. It was an amazing performance by both artists

My other mission this week was to do some deep cleaning around here that has been neglected for far too long. My main targets were Eric’s room and the basement. Hard to say which one was worse. It feels great to look around and know that it’s done.  

Another item on my agenda this week was to get Rocco to the vet for his yearly check up and a pedicure. Needless to say he wasn’t very happy about either one and per the vet techs he was horrible for his nail clipping. I need to find out a better method although I’m not sure what it would be. 

As for knitting, I can’t say that I’ve been doing very much of it. It’s just been too freaking hot here. Every day for the last two weeks it’s been 90° and above. Certainly too hot for spinning as well. I’ve picked away at the tattered shawl and I’m pretty close to the bind off.  

I had mentioned some health issues and my last blog post. I wish I could say that I have good news about the direction that they’re heading in but at this point I’m not really sure what the end result will be.  I’m going to have to do my homework and put trust in my doctors. Granted it could be much worse but it seems like a lot of things are going wrong at once.  Its a little overwhelming but I’ll get through it.  

Hopefully calmer seas ahead….


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