Frogging back to zero

To say that there’s been a lot going on lately would be an understatement. I guess it all started back in July when I went to my gynecologist and she found some abnormal cells on my cervix. I went from being clear as of a procedure two years previous to a level 2 dysplasia. At that point she referred me to a specialist, I gynecological oncologist. I did not like the oncology aspect of it but the reality is that I had a precancerous condition that would require surgical intervention.  After a month of treatment the doctor performed a couple of procedures to prepare me for my hysterectomy. He went old school with the surgery, as a friend of mine said he was like a bear in a dumpster he didn’t want to miss anything. I was in the hospital for a total of five days. The first few days were the worst, I couldn’t even roll over without yelling out. It’s been a difficult recovery, I developed a hematoma that has caused me a great deal of swelling and pain. I have gone back to the doctor twice to have my incision opened and drained. This has caused me to have setbacks each time he’s performed this procedure. I am three weeks post surgery at this point and I’m hoping that if I stick to my activity orders that my recovery will start to go a little bit smoother. The bottom line is that I have avoided full-blown cancer.  Even with this in mind, I am not a good patient. I don’t enjoy the sick role, this is not who I am.

I would liken this experience to my recent knitting disaster. I started the “tattered” shawl only to end up frogging the entire thing back after I started binding  off. I realized halfway through the bind off that my stitch count was off and because of the drop stitches there was no going back. I restarted the project about a week after my surgery and kept picking away at it until I finished it two days ago. My plan was to do a “walking dead” themed shawl with “blood” stains randomly placed. I think I nailed it. 

 It would seem that the running themes of my life lately are mistakes, pain, starting over, and going to Plan B. Knitting is a metaphor for these experiences. 

I am now plucking away on the “vanilla” scarf from “jumper cables” on Ravelry. It’s a nice simple no-brainer of the pattern that is making a very small dent in my stash of sock yarn. 

 As for real life, Maude has been relying on her neighbors to keep her groceries stocked and bring her a hot meal every now and again.  She’s lucky to have them. Mr. Larj  has been working at his job for about four months. He hates the production aspect of it but he likes the drive and his afternoon shift, as do I. The only downside to this job is that they’ve been having him work a lot of 12 hour shifts, sometimes six days a week. The only positive to this is that with me being on a leave of absence the hours have come in handy. It is what it is, with the printing business doing the slow swirl he’s lucky to have work of any kind. 

My fall canning plans have also slowed down to a crawl. Obviously with the surgery I haven’t been able to do much. I braved going to the farm market today. My plan is to fill some jars some time this week. I don’t plan on doing as much canning this year as I did last year. Mr. Larj simply does not enjoy home canned goods as much as I do. I plan on doing a little more salsa, pickled beets, apple sauce and possibly some bread-and-butter pickles.

I’m hoping for life to return to normal, whatever that constitutes. Stay healthy. 

 My bodyguard. 


2 thoughts on “Frogging back to zero

  1. Marj, wow! You’ve been through the ringer! Wishing you a full recovery. Thankfully you have time off to rest and let your body heal. You have your knitting talent and LIGHT canning , but remember, rest is best! What a handsome body guard👀 prayers🙏alice

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