Invasion of the civility snatchers…

Washington DCI’m back, sort of. There hasn’t been much in the way of knitting or spinning, come to think of it there hasn’t been much in the way of anything.  I’ve been in a funk, a mind numbing, stop you in your tracks full on funk.  How long has this been going on?  I think I can pigeon hole it to around October and certainly after November 8th.  I know what some people might think, “It’s over your candidate lost, suck it up snowflake”.  It’s not the losing, someone had to lose, it’s happened before, I was disappointed and I carried on, this time is different.  What I’ve lost, what we’ve all lost is civility and a connection to our fellow citizens. I don’t feel kinship to those who support the current administration and it’s policies.  There is a cruelty not only to the legislation they are trying to pass but the language used to try and pass it.  There is cruelty in marginalizing the most vulnerable among us, whether it’s an immigrant, the elderly, women, the handicapped or the LGBTQ community.  Pundits and politicians alike are using their public forum to create divisiveness with a sneering condescending rhetoric towards anyone who doesn’t fall in lock step with their ideals.  I’ve heard the flip side to that argument, that “libtards” and the “Hollywood elite” want to shove their tofu loving lifestyle on to the everyone without regard to their moral compass.  Granted, as a progressive I feel that we can accomplish more thorough inclusion than exclusion.  When people feel as if they have a stake in their communities they are less likely to resort to violence to make themselves heard. Building a wall and banning certain groups from entering the country only creates and us versus them mentality, it’s divisiveness, it doesn’t work.  I am saddened by what our country has become, that our policies are dictated by late night Twitter rants and that what was previously unacceptable behavior has been excused at “locker room talk” or even outright lied about.  What baffles and disappoints me the most are the women who excuse or even support such rhetoric.  They’ve taken self-loathing to a whole new level and have sold the rest of us out in the process.  At present, I am in a permanent side-eye mode with pretty much everyone I encounter, I don’t feel like we have each other’s back, there is no longer a commonality.  It seems that everyone has an agenda and we cannot reach common ground.  I’ve tried to have discussions, civil discussions, unfortunately things have often deteriorated in to name calling and the dreaded Facebook “unfriending”.  The reality is that we all want the same things, better jobs, better wages, better healthcare, we might differ on how we want to achieve these goals but it seems like there isn’t any room for discourse and discussion, rationally.  Where do we go from here?  Do we let hot button issues distract us from real progress or do we try to come together and create something worthy of our legacy.

I’ve been knitting corner to corner dishcloths and this………’s all I can handle right now.

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