Yes, I finally completed the lace stole for my X-Mil. It’s currently blocking away in the basement and hopefully I can get it mailed off in a couple of days. I was a little worried about the length but as always with the magic of blocking, it all worked out perfectly. I have all of the project details on my Rav page. I really like the color too, it’s very subtle in the changes between colors without taking away from the lace pattern.

I also made a little neck warmer scarf that I didn’t get any pics of. It’s just sort of …meh…ok. Nothing to waste blog space on. The pattern itself was a real piece of work, here is a short simple rib scarf with a slit to pass the end through and it was written up as a 3 page pattern! Unbelievable, counting rows on a simple rib scarf? I could have written the entire thing in a paragraph. Maybe this person has some sort of advanced engineering or math degree and can’t help themselves. (Sorry Jae)

Next on my list are the man mitts that I ‘ve been planning to make for months. Where has all of my knitting time gone? Well actually my winter project has been ME. I’ve been trying to get my middle-aged ass back in to some semblance of shape. I managed to lose 10 pounds and am trying to put body parts back where they belong with exercise. I fear aging badly.

Today is the first of my extra 3 days off. I feel like I’ve been fairly productive and yet I have managed to balace that productivity out with a healthy dose of slacking. Just catching up on errands that I’ve put off and a trip to the vet for Chief.

I’m not really doing a lot of fun stuff, I think like a lot of people right now I’m counting my pennies. Things are a little scary here right now in the big “D”. The future of the automotive industry is very shaky and the overall economic picture is not good. Every economist that I’ve read or listened to has said that things are going to get worse before they get better. I just hope that the ecomonic stimulus package does something ….soon. President Obama has said that the next thing on his list is to address the home forclosure crisis. Mr. Larj has been out pounding the pavement for jobs but hasn’t had any real solid leads. He’s been officially unemployed for 15 months, we continue to hold our own but I know that can’t last forever. At least I have enough yarn stash to keep me in stitches for …..a while… OK…years, I’ll admit it.

Everyone have a great week!


9 thoughts on “Finally………

  1. Beautiful stole – i always admire lace..especially when other people do it. We only drink one bottle of wine on the weekends now…damn it, I miss my glass each night (or two)…is that written anywhere in the stimulus plan?

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